Kumamoto If private hot spring in (Ueki hot spring)
(cut hot water, family hot water) "Onsen House Yu-hermitage"
Seasonal Cuisine & Inaniwa Udon
Waraku, a stylish, relaxing restaurant located on the second floor of Yu-an, is where guests can come enjoy a quick coffee, some lunch, or a full dinner and drinks.
Kameko 1526-1, Ueki-machi, Kita-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
PM17:00~PM21:00(OS) *Reservations accepted.
Closed on Wednesdays
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Special 15th Anniversary Campaign!
Waraku Kiseki no Tare Sauce
Real restaurant-level flavor in a single bottle!
•No need for extra seasoning – our sauce works with everything!
•Can be used for cooking, or poured directly on food!
•Perfect as a secret ingredient for stews!
•Savory, rich red wine base

\780 (tax excl.)
Lunch menu
Miracle of sauce lunch
Small bowl, salad, herb chicken pepper grilled
· Shichijo natural cultivation rice, miso soup, pickles
Kiseki no Tare Lunch  
Waraku Special Daily Lunch  
Healthy Veggie Lunch  
Hot Inaniwa Udon w/ Tempura Lunch  
Cold Inaniwa Zaru Udon w/ Tempura Lunch  
Fried Chicken and Rice w/ Raw Egg Lunch  
Kumamoto Japanese Black Beef A5 Sirloin Bowl Lunch  
Kumamoto Japanese Black Beef A5 Sirloin and Vegetable Warm Inaniwa Udon Set  
Kumamoto Japanese Black Beef A5 Sirloin Warm Udon Mini A5 Sirloin Bowl Set  
Nagomi Town, Kumamoto Prefecture Fire ex-pork shabu-shabu lunch  
Lunch is served from 11:30AM to 3PM
Cold Zaru Udon:  
Cold Udon w/ Creamy Yam  
Cold Zaru Udon w/ Grated Wasabi  
Cold Zaru Udon w/ Spicy Cod Roe  
Zaru Udon w/ Grated Plum  
Hot Udon w/ Chicken and Vegetables (Soy Broth)  
Hot Udon w/ Pork and Vegetables (Miso Broth)  
Hot Udon w/ Chicken, Vegetables, and Egg  
Spicy Hot Udon w/ Black Hog Pork and Vegetables  
Hot Toromi Udon w/ Yuba Tofu and Shrimp  
Hot Toromi Udon w/ Spicy Cod Roe and Black Hog Pork  
Beef ribs and mizuna sashimi warm udon noodles  
Thick and warm udon noodles with black pork and cabbage  
Konjac udon with herb chicken and vegetables  
Konjac udon with black pork and vegetables  
Spicy konjac udon with black pork and vegetables  
Healthy Vegetable Course \1,980
Hana Course (8 dishes) \3,500
Miyabi Couse (9 dishes) \4,500
Tsuki Course (10 dishes) \5,500
Ten Course (11 dishes) \6,500
*All-you-can-drink value course \1,500
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