Kumamoto If private hot spring in (Ueki hot spring)
(cut hot water, family hot water) "Onsen House Yu-hermitage"
All bathing areas are non-smoking.
Please use designated smoking areas.
Pets are not allowed inside the building
or bathing areas.
Please lock the door before entering
the bathing area.
Cutting or dying your hair in the bathing
area is prohibited.
Please refrain from playing music,
etc., on personal devices while bathing.
Please wipe your body off thoroughly
before returning to the changing room.
Please refrain from shouting or
talking too loudly.
Towels, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc.,
can be purchased at the front desk.
Please do not remove hair dryers
or body soap from the premises.
Please place any waste in the waste basket.
Please do not touch the trees or rocks in
the bathing area or garden.
Please return the wooden placard
when leaving.
Please refrain from eating or drinking
(alcohol, etc.) inside the bathing area.
Please do not use the bathing area for
any purposes other than bathing.
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